Bullets, Beans & Black Oil

by | Jul 21, 2018

The vital Role of a Mission Support Team

The vital role of “logistical support” in a time of war has been widely understood for hundreds of years. The logistical forces are the ones who support and supply the fighting forces in the field. They are the people who deliver what the military calls the “beans, bullets and black oil.”

Combat Service Support
Logistical Support, or “Combat Service Support”, becomes especially important when forces are operating over long distances and / or making rapid advances. For instance during “Operation Iraqi Freedom” it was reported that the 90,000 troops inside the country drank an average of 1,514,000 litres of water a day!

It is apparent, then, that efficient logistical support is essential for successful military campaigns. The same is true for missions. In order for the gospel to spread rapidly over long distances there often needs to be a large support network. Paul testified to this in the book of Philippians.

Partnership in the gospel
Whilst the term “logistical support” is admittedly a modern one, the same concept is vividly captured in the biblical phrase “partnership in the gospel”. In Philippians 1:5 we observe Paul thanking God for the way that God had supported and supplied his missionary endeavours through a “partnership in the gospel” with the church in Philippi .

Rather than sending Paul “beans, bullets and black oil” the Philippian congregation sent Paul “persistent prayers”, gave “practical provisions” (Phil. 4:14-16) and displayed “personal care” through sending Epaphroditus to minister to Paul’s needs (Phil. 2:25). It would appear then, that “prayer”, “giving” and personal “care” are the “beans, bullets and black oil” of “Mission Service Support”.

Mission Service Support
A large “Mission Service Support” network  is instrumental for missions. For this reason GLO Ministries wants to express our appreciation for your partnership in the gospel with us. Without your prayer support, practical giving and personal care we are convinced that the wider ministry would grind to a halt within a matter of months.

Likewise GLO Ministries is also thankful to God for the committed “Mission Support Team” that He has raised up. We are particularly thankful for the Administrative support provided by Peter Bell and Lucy Stubis (previously by Ken Scott, Juno Ng and David Willoughby). We are also grateful for the managerial and event co-ordination that Christine Bell has faithfully provided. Bruce Young’s donor management and clerical assistance is also deeply appreciated (previously by Stephenie Chin). In the past we have been blessed by the Secretarial Support provided by Lyn Guballa, Mui Kiang Ng, Debbie Brown, Narelle Turner,  Kerryn Maddock, Andrea King and Danielle Boyle.

These days no “Missions Support Team” would be complete without accounting assistance. Thus we are especially thankful for the Accounting Support provided by Malcolm Arnold and Laura Nightingale (previously Geoff Weatherley, Sarah Abraham, Sally Wu, Caroline Miller, Elizabeth Lee, Alec Key, Quah CC). Luke Breaden’s help with maintenance and transport also cannot be overlooked. So too the Publication Skills that Carol Thomson and Kalpana Bassett provide (previously Linda Sharma, Krysten Symons and Robert Musgrave). Finally the practical care provided by House Parents such as Johan and Sandra Barrington is also a wonderful addition to the overall ministry (previously Noel & Mary Hewitt, Bill & Shirley Holland, Ian & Pat Cox).

Concerning “Operation Iraqi Freedom” USA Today reported that “for every soldier or marine firing a weapon at the enemy, there are at least nine helping make this fight possible.”  It is not an exaggeration to say that “for every missionary or national worker who shares the gospel, shapes new Christians and shepherds new congregations, there are at least nine helping make that ministry possible”. Thank you once again for being “one of the nine” that make our ministry possible.