Money Matters in God’s Mission

by | Jul 21, 2018

Money does actually matter in the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. Matters related to money also matter as we become involved in God’s great mission of salvation to all people in a very needy world.

While money does matter in providing the means to share the gospel with others, money is not the only matter that matters. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit matter most of all, as does the written Word of God. The gospel itself matters – it is central to God’s mission, the glory of God matters, the missionaries themselves matter, as does their training, their preparation for the task, their need for ongoing practical and pastoral care. And prayer matters a lot in mission! The missionary’s own spiritual development while on the field matters, as does constant vigilance for ongoing harmonious relationships with others in the mission team. This includes those who are contacted through the missionaries’ day to day ministries.

Donors matter!
Each donor forms part of a larger team participating in one goal in God’s mission. Money can be a big help in most areas of God’s mission but it is not the only means used by the Lord for His purposes. In fact money can be a hindrance if our attitudes to money displease Him. Jesus’ own words in Matt 6:24 are a challenge to us all, “You cannot serve both God and Money.”

Matters related to money in Christian missions include:

  • Donors give joyfully, sacrificially and generously in their support of missionaries and mission projects. “The Lord loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7). King David was a good example for sacrificial giving. He was careful not to offer the Lord what “cost him nothing” (2 Sam 24:24). Of course the Lord Jesus is the greatest example of sacrificial giving. Paul says in 2 Cor 8:9 – “Though he was rich yet for our sake he became poor so that we through his poverty might become rich.” GLO is very grateful to the Lord for each donor and their gifts sent to be used in God’s great mission.
  • Donors should have assurance that the funds given to missions are handled transparently, accurately, promptly and are sent to the people or projects as intended. Most donors send their gifts via their home church, or via a help-group like GLO, or AMT etc. People involved in this process need to be godly and motivated by a love for the Lord Jesus, for His people and His mission purposes. Administration systems need to be in place to ensure that high Christian standards are met and maintained in this process.
  • All believers including those receiving gifts from donors should be guided by principles of wise stewardship of funds as we work together with the Lord in the harvest field.

By Geoff Weatherley