Exciting changes at GLO

Have you heard the news?

We’d like to update you about some big changes with GLO’s CrossConnect Course. We’ve decided to move the course from Smithton, Tasmania to Riverstone, Sydney.

The benefits of moving

We feel God is leading us to move the course, and are seeing that there’s lots of advantages to making Sydney the new location;

  • the larger population provides the potential to attract more students and lecturers
  • we’ll be able to share our resources between courses
  • a larger community environment for our students to enjoy and grow in
  • and the convenience of one location for our students as they move through our training pathway

Will the course be the same after the move?

The CrossConnect course DNA won’t change. But we are also seeing many options, moving forward, for promoting and expanding our training options.

We’re looking into things like:

  • partnering with local Christian Schools to promote CrossConnect as a Year 13 Gap Year option for graduating students,
  • delivering portions of the course online to overseas national workers so that they can obtain formal ministry qualifications
  • adding a second ESL stream to the existing CrossTalk course specifically for new immigrants to Sydney

 When will the course move?

After considering all that is involved in this transition, as well as the potential impact of covid-19, we have decided to pause the CrossConnect course for 2021, and spend the year getting ready to start running the course again from Riverstone in 2022.

What about the college in Smithton?

Smithton is a town close to our heart. Over the 45 years that GLO has been training there, we have been lovingly and generously supported by the local Christians and community there.

We are exploring the possibility of forming a small GLO team in Circular Head to give back to the churches and reach the community. We are also consulting with local churches to discern if the training centre could be repurposed in a way that is helpful.

Please Pray

There’s a lot going on! We’d really value your prayers.

  • for the smooth transition of the CrossConnect course,
  • for extra manpower,
  • for finances for the extensive building works needed at Riverstone and for the wider ministry.

For more information, or to donate, please call the office or donate here.