A Sea Called India

by | May 18, 2021

In the mid 1960’s Mr Bob Glasgow published a book entitled “A Sea Called India” which illustrated the enormous population of that country. Photos of busy market places and crowds of people demonstrated the almost impossible task of evangelising so many people. Madras (now Chennai) then had a population of about three million and India had approximately 450 Million. Now, 55 years later the figures are staggering; Chennai in excess of 11 million and Tamil Nadu state 72 million, while the population of India has blown out to nearly 1.4 billion.  Every one a person whom God so loved that He sent the Lord Jesus to die for their sins. Good news for all India.

When GLO sent the first Team to Madras in 1966 the task seemed overwhelming but successive GLO National team members have given themselves to the mission of reaching the multitudes for whom the Saviour died.  Now, for over 40 years John and Sundari Pandi along with a succession of helpers have been on the cutting edge of GLO Ministry.  All seemed well with very intentional literature programs of outreach until the COVID-19 virus struck over a year ago.  What to do?

Firstly, God always has His ways of getting the job done and yes, literature could still be used in a more restrictive way; so what an opportunity when a new brochure became available called “After COVID-19” (The virus that changed the world) (See Picture). This was used at the Christmas outreach where 12 thousand copies, along with 16 thousand gospels of John were distributed. These were available in English only. However other literature such as The Truth Shall Set You Free and His Name Shall be Called Wonderful (See Pictures) became available in the Tamil and Telegu languages catering for about 140 million people.

But then with the help of brothers who are technologically savvy, this and other good gospel literature was converted to electronic means of distribution such as WhatsApp. Email and ZOOM have also been used to good effect. All over Tamil Nadu state and throughout India, Christian workers distribute literature at such places as Railway stations and Bus depots. The reader is directed to an online contact to receive further help and a Bible Correspondence Course. “While some are being added to local churches, many who are saved will never be known to us here”, says John Pandi; “but we will see them in eternity.”  On-line outreach and follow-up has become the norm in this time of crisis. Truly, God has His ways and His word is not bound.

In April the Bible Books Exhibition will be displayed where the team plan to distribute Bibles, study books and Gospel portions. The core team of John and Sundari Pandi and S.P. Ganesh will have lots of helpers in this vital ministry. We praise God that while Brother S.P. Ganesh and his family have had COVID-19, they are all well again and have now returned to work in this ministry.

From just five local Assemblies in Chennai in 1966, John tells of 80 or more now in this vast metropolis, but scattered throughout the State of Tamil Nadu there may well be some 600 local Assemblies. Many of these are able to access the literature and utilise the follow-up means in order to help their people grow and expand their outreach programs. Christian workers with a passion for the Lord Jesus and His Gospel are scattered through this state and all over India.

God is at work, people are being saved, churches are being established, Christian workers are laying down their lives for the cause of the Gospel. And… Jesus is being glorified through the proclamation of the good news that He died, rose again and lives to save all who come to God through Him. How we long for His coming to take His waiting people home.  Hallelujah!


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