Building for Tomorrow – Riverstone Development

by | May 18, 2021

In the late 1980’s God led the GLO leadership to start “building for tomorrow.” They purchased and developed a 3-acre site in Riverstone, on the outskirts of Sydney, as a training and ministry base. During the early 1990s, an extensive building program resulted in the erection of a training centre and administration office, a large church and sports centre complex, plus three 3-bedroom units. For over a quarter of a century, those buildings have provided an amazing ministry platform from which the Lord has enabled the wider ministry of GLO to be managed, supported, and equipped.

Now, in the early 2020s, God is leading the GLO leadership to continue the tradition of “building for tomorrow.” As a result are embarking upon another large building program that is designed to provide facilities for present and future ministry needs. This Building program will involve:

  • Remodelling the existing Training Centre to add extra Classrooms, bathrooms, plus offices at a cost of over $300,000.
  • Subdividing and developing 2,000 m2 of unused land into four residential house sites at a cost of over $700,000, including council contributions and civil works.
  • Building two five-bedroom homes to provide accommodation for team members and students at a cost of over $800,000.
  • Constructing two nine-bedroom NDIS Group Homes, at a cost of over 2 million dollars, as a means to positively impact the community plus provide passive income to partially offset building costs.
  • Remodelling existing accommodation plus furnishing the training centre and houses, expected to cost a further $200,000. 

Whilst final figures are still to come, building for tomorrow will cost well over 4 million dollars. As we step forward by faith, it is our hope and prayer, that God will not only provide the necessary finances but will also enable GLO Ministries to build facilities from which the ministry can be managed, supported, and equipped for another quarter of a century, or until the Lord returns!

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