Procovidential Pit Stop -Strategic Plan for 2021

by | May 18, 2021

What do Formula One drivers do during inclement weather? The driver takes a Pit Stop to change tyres. Why? Because even though they lose time stopping to change tyres, once the new tyres are fitted they can go further and faster. In short, sometimes stopping means you end up going faster!

That is what GLO Australia is doing in 2021. Due to COVID-19 related interruptions, we have decided to pause the delivery of training, hosting events, and visiting overseas partners so that we can focus on ten strategic projects that will help us go further and faster in 2022 and beyond.

Pit-Stop Projects

Relocating the CrossConnect Course to Sydney

In 2019, after much prayerful discussion, the GLO leadership team concluded that it was God’s will to relocate the CrossConnect Course, which is our discipleship and ministry training program, to Sydney in 2022. In the latter half of 2021, a substantial amount of time will be dedicated to physically moving team members and training resources from Smithton to Sydney.

Renovating the Riverstone Training Centre

In preparation for accommodating a new training course, additional team members, and extra trainees we are dedicating the first half of 2021 to re-configuring and renovating our Riverstone Training Centre. For more details about this exciting project please refer to the article entitled “Fit for Purpose” on page 5.

Building for the Future

In addition to renovating the training centre, in preparation for relocating CrossConnect to Sydney in 2021, we plan to increase our accommodation capacity by subdividing and developing 2,000 m2 of unused land into four residential house sites, and then erecting two five-bedroom homes plus two ten-bedroom NDIS Group Homes. For more details about this strategic project please refer to the article entitled “Building for the Future” on page 6.

Adding a second ESL Course

For many years GLO has delivered “CrossTalk Residential,” an ESL training program catering to the language needs of overseas students residing at our training centre. Next year, God willing, the GLO team would like to add “CrossTalk Community,” a second ESL training program that would cater specifically to the language and culture needs of new immigrants who live locally.

Further Developing our Training

This year our CrossConnect team and CrossTalk team will focus their energies on upskilling, developing curriculum, and improving assessments.


In addition to the above projects this year we will also concentrate our time and energy on:

  • Enhancing Promotion by improving our website, streamlining social media, and producing videos etc.
  • Expanding our Financial Support systems by implementing the “External Conduct Standards,” a set of standards recently introduced by the Government.
  • Improving Governance by renewing our Company Constitution, last done in 1988.
  • Streamlining Support by introducing a new community relations management (CRM) database.
  • Exploring Options in Circular Head to bless back to the churches who have blessed GLO for so many years through supporting the Smithton Training Centre.

Pit Stop Prayers

GLO Australia has not had a pit stop for many years, and most likely won’t have another pit stop for many years to come. For that reason, we need your prayers. Please pray that God will grant us the wisdom to prioritise and the strength to follow through so that we can make the most of this Procovidential Pit Stop and travel further and faster in 2022 and beyond.

Photo by Gustavo Campos on Unsplash