The radio ministry in the pandemic year

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On the 9th of June 2014, the Good News Radio was launched as the first online Christian radio for all Romanian children and parents. In the last seven years we have served God with the Good News Radio online, which proved to be a fantastic tool especially during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns.


So far, the Good News Radio has been accessed by Romanians from 109 countries around the world! The program runs 24 /7 and consists of music, bible and missionary stories, bible verses, devotionals, seminars for families and interactive live shows. Dani edits many of the recorded programs and together we run the live shows for children and parents twice a week.


The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. How true this is! The Good News goes on air from the studio in Sibiu, Romania and reaches hundreds of homes in less than 30 seconds.


The Word of God comforts, challenges, changes and gives new birth to listeners of all ages. Here are some of the testimonies from our listeners:


”I spoke to Amos, my 6 yr. old son one night. He understood that he must receive the Lord Jesus and after he had prayed alone, he told me that he is now born in the family of God! The story of Nicodemus which we heard on the radio a few days ago made him understand this concept better. He then told his older brother Levi, that he should also be born again! He was so enthusiastic and full of joy: ‘Do not wait any longer. You can pray right now. God listens to your prayer!’ We thank God for you, Dani and Doina, and for the Good News Radio!” (Austria)


“We are listening to the live show in the car on the way to school. I have told other families from my church to listen as well. Thank you for bringing the Gospel to the children in such a dynamic and interesting format. You are a great tool in the hand of our God.” (Spain)


”We are tired of the restrictions, but can’t have enough of the radio programs!” (Romania)


“Early in the morning my son tells me: today it’s “The Children’s Club”! He won’t miss it for the world!” (England)


“My children have started to read their Bibles every day since they listen to your programs.” (Romania)


“I couldn’t sleep last night as I was afraid that we might catch the virus, but the verses from the last live show came to my mind.” (Spain)


Below are just a few of the questions that children have asked us on the radio Whatsapp number, during or after the live shows:


“What are we going to learn today?“

“How can I have my sins forgiven?“

“How can I be a child of God?”

“How can I tell others about God?”

“If I am saved, but sin again and then don’t have time to ask God to forgive me, will I go to heaven if He comes tonight?”


Many children shared the link with friends. Two Orthodox children asked us at the end of the show: “May I share the link with my friends?”


The digital ministry through the online radio continues uninterrupted! It’s a lot of work to prepare a radio program, recorded or live, but the Word of God runs swiftly, reaching homes and crossing borders with no passport needed! And most importantly, it is life changing!


Please pray for all the children and parents we reach online, that God will touch their lives and that the Word of God will transform their hearts.


By Doina Vasilca

Photo by name here on Unsplash