In appreciation for twenty years of service, GLO has launched a $25,000 matching gift fund to help Luke Breaden purchase a mobile home.
$3,700 donated
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Matching Gift Fund

Since the year 2000, when Luke started serving the Lord, he has not had the opportunity to purchase land or a home for himself. As he approaches fifty the Lord has led Luke to step out in faith to buy a registrable mobile home. GLO Ministries, in appreciation for his twenty years of faithful service, has launched a $25,000 matching gift fund. Meaning, for every dollar donated, GLO will match that donation, up to a maximum amount of $25,000.

Mobile Home

SIZE: 10.9 Meter Expandable Mobile Cabin, 36sqm internal approx.
PRICE: Approx. $65,000

Double Your Donation

If you have been blessed by Luke’s service, or appreciate his twenty years of faithful service, and would like to contribute towards Luke’s mobile home why not double your donation by taking advantage of GLO’s matching gift offer?

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