GLO Ministries is in the midst of a large building program that is designed to provide facilities for present and future ministry needs. Make an impact with your tax time giving with our tax deductible building fund.
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This building project will involve:

• REMODEL EXISTING TRAINING CENTRE to provide for more classrooms, bathrooms and more offices. Costing $300,000.

• SUBDIVIDE AND DEVELOP UNUSED LAND. This includes council costs and civil works to subdivide and develop unused land on the Riverstone block into four house sites. Costing $700,000.

• BUILD 2 NEW 5-BEDROOM HOMES to provide more accommodation for team members and students. Costing $800,000.

• BUILD 2 NEW 10-BEDROOM NDIS GROUP HOMES as a blessing to the community, and to provide passive income to offset costs. Cost $2 million +

• REMODEL EXISTING ACCOMMODATION and furnish the training centre offices, classrooms and houses. Costing $200,000.

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