The aim of the GLO Expo is to expose you to God’s mission all over the world and to enthuse you to be on mission with God in your everyday world.

This year we will consider the idea of Gospel lived out, sharing practical examples of what that looks like in Australia and all over the world, and suggest simple ways that you can live the Gospel each and every day.

The EXPO Day is not just designed to expose you to the mission, but to inspire you to join in on God’s mission. To achieve this:

1. Please visit the different pop-up stalls and interact with workers.

2. Don’t forget to visit the GLO Ministries Stall. Here you will be able to pick up Prayer Cards and Action Cards for each of the ministries.

3. Redeem your lollies at the GLOLLY Bar by showing your collection of stickers and stamps, or with a gold coin donation.

4. Don’t miss out on your show bag full of goodies!


2019 GLO Family and Friends

Can we ask you to reserve the 2nd-5th of NOV in your diaries?

For more information, please download the invitation.

GLO Family and Friends

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