The mission of missions is the church,
and the mission of the church is missions.

Working together with the Church to fulfil the Great Commission.

Jesus promised, “I will build my church” (Matt. 16:18). For this reason GLO Australia is committed to joining Christ in the work of building His church. We are dedicated to establishing New Testament churches that carry out the work of making disciples and planting churches. With God’s help, and in partnership with local churches, GLO Ministries has played a key role in 12 church plants in Australia, 3 of which resulted in multicultural church plants. At present GLO Australia is partnering with Church Planters in:


10 churches planted, and 3 fellowships established on the island of Java. Read “Indonesia … Dreaming Acts 19″ – Spearhead Winter 2013.


8 churches planted on the island of Samar; 2 in Eastern Samar and 6 in Western Samar. Read “Multiply – Disciple Making in Samar” – Spearhead Winter 2016


3 churches planted; 1 in Kathmandu and 2 in or near Pokhara. Read “The Lord Directs His Mission” – Spearhead Spring 2014.


One fledgling church planted in Gachuurt, two fellowships in Ulaanbaatar, plus a new church planting initiative in Ulziit. Read “Mongolian Lamb” –  Spearhead Spring 2016.


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“GLO’s Church Planting Connections” – Spearhead Winter 2013.

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