Where is God leading you in the future?
Start on your training pathway with GLO Ministries

Discipleship and ministry training in practical Christianity

Christ centred

Enrich your relationship with Christ through private disciplines

Bible based

Encounter Christ through biblical teaching

Discipleship orientated

Experience Christ at work through relationships

Ministry focused

Equip yourself to serve Christ in ministry

Mission minded

Engage with the great commission

Church linked

Connected with the people of God

Field tested

Expose yourself to pivotal circumstances

Find out more about this course that could change your life

A one-year, tailored program that takes discipleship
to a deeper level

Part-time study

Theological study that will take you deeper into God’s word, at a pace you can sustain


Hands-on ministry involvement that will develop your skills for service

Mentoring support

Stay connected with a mentor for support, encouragement and accountability

Part-time work

Helps pay the bills

Want to take it deeper in your local church

with a tailored CrossWork course?

A course that makes you fit and ready for cross-cultural missions service


A 25 week residential course

Living in community with others looking toward cross-cultural ministry

Bible knowledge

Go deep into God’s word and prepare yourself for ministry

Practical skills training

Practical training in the unique skillset that Cross-cultural missions work requires.

Missions focused

Training is aimed at those passionate about serving God in a cross-cultural setting, and includes one or more Short Term Mission trips

Looking to move out of your comfort zone

and take the good news to others?

A high quality English language training program



Encouraging every student to grow closer to Jesus Christ


Facilitating the development of meaningful relationships with Australians and Australian churches


Discovering and developing mission-minded people for ministry


Equipping students to develop culturally appropriate relationships with Australians and westerners.


We would love to answer any questions you have about GLO Ministries or our training at GLO College of Ministries

So feel free to contact us. Here are a few questions you may be interested in.

Can I get Austudy?

No. Although some of our courses are government accredited, they are not currently listed as eligible for Austudy / Abstudy.

Who is GLO?

GLO started as Gospel Literature Outreach in 1965, sending teams worldwide for tract distribution. Over the years GLO’s focus has expanded to include many more facets of discipleship. Read more about GLO.

What denomination is GLO?

GLO was started amongst the Christian Brethren churces (AKA Christian Community Churches). Want to know what we believe? Read our doctrinal statement.

Where is the course held?

Each course is different. Most of our courses are run in Riverstone, Sydney. Some are correspondence, and CrossConnect is in Smithton, Tasmania. See each course website for more information.

GLO Ministries is working all over the world,

discovering mission-minded men and women, and

discipling and deploying them to serve all over the world.