Exposing believers to God's work all over the world

EXPERIENCE what God is doing around the world
EXPRESS the love of Christ
EQUIP yourself with skills for service
ENGAGE as partners in mission.

Short Term Mission was a vital part of Christ’s discipleship ministry (cf. Luke 9 & 10). Based on Jesus’ example, Short Term Mission has been part of GLO Australia’s DNA from the very beginning.

In 2017 GLO Australia, in partnership with AMT, launched Encounter Short Term Mission. Encounter Short Term Mission is an initiative to mobilise believers to be on mission with God through delivering a diverse range of Short Term Mission Trip experiences in Australia and overseas. The goals of Encounter Short Term Mission trips are to help team members:

  • EXPERIENCE what God is doing around the world.
  • EXPRESS the love of Christ by serving others.
  • EQUIP themselves with skills to serve effectively.
  • ENGAGE with and partner in world mission.

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