We work to raise support, and assist the workers
by connecting them with supporters.

The frontline work of God always needs practical logistical support. Without ongoing prayer support, promotion, finances, plus pastoral care, much of the serving and training all over the world would come to a halt.

In view of that one of the core ministries of GLO Australia is that of support. Each month the support team circulates more than 2,500 GLO Prayer News, distributes funds to workers and projects all over the world, provides help to workers, plus a host of other tasks. Whilst these support ministries tend to take place behind the scenes, they are vital for the success of the frontline ministries.

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    Money Matters in God’s Mission

    Money Matters in God’s Mission

    Money does actually matter in the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. Matters related to money also matter as we become involved in God’s great mission of salvation to all people in a very needy world. While money does matter in providing the means to share the gospel...